Hearing Conservation Program

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Hear·ing Con·ser·va·tion Pro·gram

(hēr'ing kon'sĕr-vā'shŭn prō'gram)
A formal program of protection of personal hearing, and engineered control of noise, required by U.S. federal law.
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Unfortunately, says Anderson, "Many hearing conservation programs are compliance-driven and have few provisions for intervention or prevention.
Employers can prevent or minimize noise-induced hearing loss by implementing hearing conservation programs.
The seminars, titled " HearForever[R]: Best Practices in Effective Hearing Conservation ," will provide practical information on hearing loss prevention, the culture of safety, and the latest research and technologies that can help enhance companies' Hearing Conservation Programs - as well as their bottom line.
Department of the Army Pamphlet 40-501: Hearing Conservation Program.
For more in depth information on the elements of the Hearing Conservation program see OPNAVINST 5100.
Another good source of information is the hearing conservation program on the US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine web site at: http://chppm-www.
The 'HearForever(TM): Best Practices in Hearing Conservation,' seminars will address an expanding range of need-to-know topics for employers ranging from implementing an effective occupational Hearing Conservation Program to impact of the changes to the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) that the U.
Hearing Conservation program (Indoc with annual refresher)
The Noise Indicator NI-100 is a cost-effective technology that can be easily incorporated within a Hearing Conservation Program.
The purposes of the Hearing Conservation Program (HCP) are as follows:
99-1 (Navy Medical Department Hearing Conservation Program Procedures) have no specific articles or reference for testing of submarine sonar technicians.
In late 2009, Kenny Dillard, faced seemingly insurmountable environmental challenges to the Hearing Conservation program at a Dalton, Ga.
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