health disparities

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health dis·par·i·ties

(helth dis-par'i-tēz)
Differences in measures of health and availability of health care across populations.
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Contract notice: Pilot project related to reducing health inequalities building expertise and evaluation of actions.
Together they agree ways to improve the health and wellbeing of the people, reduce health inequalities and look at the experience patients have of services.
COVENTRY has been praised for its work to improve learning for the under threes in its fight to reduce health inequalities.
The authors concluded that more research was needed to more rigorously test how schools can be utilised as an asset in public health, and that this could be used by commissioners to address health inequalities.
But Phil Banfield, president of BMA Cymru, warned of a financial hit, saying: "It paradoxically may widen health inequalities and the BMA is committed to the narrowing of health inequalities.
I am very much looking forward to returning to Wales and working with everyone in Public Health Wales, our stakeholders and the public to meet the challenges of protecting and improving the health and well-being of our population and reducing health inequalities where they exist in what are diffi-cult financial times.
In his annual report, entitled Moving Upstream, Edward Kunonga outlines the key health and wellbeing issues for Middlesbrough, and makes a number of recommendations to ensure an effective and sustainable response to widening health inequalities.
NHS England yesterday agreed a new funding formula for local health commissioning which will include a deprivation measure specifically aimed at tackling health inequalities.
A NURSING union has hit out at the health inequalities between the North and South.
There is no question west central Scotland is where most of these health inequalities are concentrated.
substantial' Gardner Scotland While GPs play a major role in combating health inequalities , there are fewer available in deprived areas.
Multiple deprivations, and not just economic deprivation, should be included in research on health inequalities.

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