Health Transition

A term of art referring to the change in the disease 'mix' of a population as it undergoes Westernisation which, in general, is marked by an increased lifespan and reduction in death due to infection and an increase in cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular mortality
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Dr Hames said the introduction of statutory Health Service Boards was one of the key recommendations of the WA Health Transition and Reconfiguration Steering Committee, chaired by former acting director general of health, Professor Bryant Stokes.
So what we are seeing is a health transition that is going on everywhere in the world, at different pace, with different starting points, but it all requires countries to respond differently to a much more comprehensive picture through something like universal health coverage approaches.
It is due to be made on January 11 - just 79 days before the Public Health transition.
The steering group also includes: Kathy Evans, chief executive, Royal College of Ophthalmologists; David Hewlett chief executive, FODO; Anita Lightstone, programme director, UK Vision Strategy and RNIB; Richard Oliver, joint clinical director, Sheffield NHS Clinical Commissioning Group; Bryony Pawinska, chief executive, College of Optometrists; Terry Rich, Local Government lead, NHS (London) Public Health Transition Team; Geof Roberson, professional adviser, AOP; Darren Schickle, head of the Academic Unit of Public Health, University of Leeds; and Sarah Slade, chair, National Optometric Advisers Association.
Progress on what has been called the health transition has not been shared equally by all nations of the world.
The data presented here are too limited to provide such clarifications, but may stimulate scholars to provide an in depth discussion of the Health Transition in the Pacific.
Health Canada will provide $285 million over the next two years for a range of health programs for Aboriginal Canadians, including the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative, the Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy, maternal and child health, the Aboriginal Health Human Resources Initiative, and the Aboriginal Health Transition Fund.
Kerala epitomises rapid health transition that India is currently experiencing -- from an era of communicable diseases to an era of lifestyle diseases.
Health Canada's Aboriginal Health Transition Fund (AHTF), for example, is a five-year, $200-million initiative to enable governments and communities to integrate and adapt existing health services to better meet the needs of Aboriginal people, including those living off-reserve and in urban areas.
The program, now known as the Mental Health Transition Program is a combination of state and private entities.
Paul Helms will discuss the work of mental health transition teams, which help those who experience frequent hospitalizations due to a mental health crisis.
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