health information exchange

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health in·for·ma·tion ex·change

(HIE) (helth in'fŏr-mā'shŭn eks-chānj')
Electronic movement of clinical information between networked organizations located within regions or cross country.
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Major players in the market are focusing on various strategies such as product deployments; agreements, alliances, collaborations, and partnerships; new product launches (including product enhancements and product integration); acquisitions; expansions; and other strategies (divestment, accreditation, funding, and spin-off), to establish a strong foothold in the global health information exchange market.
MEA/NEA's solutions can be used for claim attachments, HEDIS, quality reviews, Medicare Risk Adjustment, esMD/CMS audits, health information exchange and more.
The White Stone Group's products, led by its Trace communication suite, strengthen and complement MEA|NEA's current portfolio of HIPAA-compliant solutions for health information exchange and revenue cycle management.
We've already demonstrated that we can build and deploy a sustainable physician-driven health information exchange.
The Harris solution will connect health entities across Florida - including physicians, hospitals, regional health information exchanges and state government agencies - and provide timely, secure and authorised exchange of patient health information.
Healthcare Informatics: Can you tell me a little about how the Oklahoma Health Information Exchange (HIE) got started and what the overarching goals were?
Martin O'Malley in May, also requires a statewide health information exchange to be up and running by this fall.
We provide an in-depth overview of the technical aspects of health information exchange (HIE), review major government initiatives driving health information exchange efforts across the U.
Tenders are invited for llinois Health Information Exchange (ILHIE) Technology Refresh.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 7, 2014-Michigan Health Connect, Great Lakes Health Information Exchange merge
US-based health care benefits company Aetna (NYSE:AET) unveiled today an agreement to buy health information exchange technology firm Medicity for some USD500m (EUR373.

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