Health Care Team

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Medspeak—UK The health and social care workers involved with the care of a patient, including staff, if any, from the independent, voluntary and private sectors
Medspeak—US A range of health care workers—e.g., physicians, physician extenders, nurses, medical assistants—and those providing ancillary and diagnostic services—e.g., radiology and lab technologists, physical therapists, nutritionists, psychotherapists, massage therapists—who provide diagnostic and therapeutic procedures on a patient
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The leaders at Emory will transform the health care experience not only for patients and families, but also for the entire health care team.
Members of the health care team need to communicate clearly so that everyone--literally and figuratively--is on the same page," he said.
Over the last year, we have worked closely with the continuing health care team and district nurses to help them plan and deliver patientcentred care.
Having first seen the health care team on May 29, 2008, Mr Whitaker was admitted to hospital on June 2 having been found delirious in his cell.
42 per cent of delegates agreed that the local communities should be responsible for the formation of primary health care teams as opposed to the RHAs (31 per cent), individual providers (16 per cent) and central government (11 per cent);
Wakefield will be an invaluable asset to the administration's health care team," remarked ANA President Rebecca M.
I valued my job and was accepted by the hospital staff as a member of the health care team, although as far as the church was concerned I often felt like I was in a vacuum.
In eight weeks you can learn the basics for managing Type 2 diabetes, from putting together a health care team and understanding the role of medications and self-monitoring to beginning an exercise program and organizing diabetes control.
Maria Smith, PhD, APRN, BC spoke to members of the Southern Professional Nurses Network Chapter of GNA on March 10, 2008 about her experiences as a member of a health care team offering services in Haiti during the summer of 2007.
Our health care team is composed of physicians supported by physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, paramedics/EMTs and ancillary staff.
One important reason for this is to make sure that the Registered Nurse is included as a member of the health care team.
This service will provide physicians, nurses, and other members of the Clinical Cnete health care team the ability to discuss complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies with knowledgeable medical staff from the consult service and learn how various CAM practices might complement or interact with a patient's care as a research participant at the Clinical Center.

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