Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System

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Health·care Com·mon Pro·ce·dure Cod·ing Sys·tem

(HCPCS) (helth'kār kom'ŏn prŏ-sē'jŭr kōd'ing sis'tĕm)
The alphanumeric coding system for reporting outpatient health care services for Medicare beneficiaries.

Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System



A standardized coding system used to process claims for insurance payments by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. It consists of two parts: a coding system devised by the American Medical Association called the Current Procedural Terminology, which describes procedures and services provided by health care professionals; and a system that identifies health-related products and services that are not provided by physicians, e.g., emergency medical services, durable medical equipment, supplies, and orthotics.
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