Chinese Reflex Balls

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Two balls which are available in 4 sizes and are manipulated for their health-enhancing effects. In addition to limbering the fingers, they are believed—by stimulating the acupressure points on the hands—to enhance neural activity, improve memory and circulation, relax muscles and joints, tone internal organs, and balance flow of chi; they are specifically intended to prevent arthritis and hypertension. Chinese reflex balls may be made of various materials, including brass, enamel, and marble, and may be magnetised
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See, if all we're thinking about is this projected flu, perhaps we'll take our eye off the other health balls (ups) - such as filthy hospitals, the lack of dentists and the thousands of old people who definitely will turn up their cold toes this winter, not on account of some exotic illness, but of hypothermia because they can't afford their fuel bills.
If you want to shop online for Feng Shui cures and remedies including health balls, gem stones and wealth toads, www.
The package includes a three-hour session on Eastern Healing therapies including acupressure, Chinese health balls, qigong breathing, massage and manicure or pedicure.
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