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While partners in Liverpool, he believes, now understand the agenda through initiatives like Health Action Zones and Healthy Cities, he believes town hall control is the next step, backed up by strong community participation.
Over the last five years, the group, with the help of Gateshead Council, have made links with Gateshead NHS Trust, Health Action Zones, and Gateshead Youth Offending Team, from which more than 150 youngsters have contributed over 600 hours labour, and the Healthy Communities Collaborative.
Health Action Zones are a government initiative which target areas of the country with the poorest health.
Health Action Zones (HAZs) received GBP10m in the first year; in 2000/01 GBP10m went to the HAZs and GBP10m to the rest of the NHS (i.
He said they had made progress with setting up Health Action Zones and developed numerous other strategies, including a regeneration initia- tive.
Of the 122 under-16 girls, 30 were 14-year-olds, the Manchester, Salford and Trafford Health Action Zones said.
Currently it is only available to a small minority of people who live in Government- designated health action zones and are eligible for free prescriptions.
This will be started first in those deprived communities which, in England, we have designated as Health Action Zones.
They are also a central element in the health and social wellbeing of the region, through the School of Health, Community and Education Studies at Northumbria, the medical school at Newcastle (now partnered in a new course by Durham at its Stockton Campus), the School of Health and Social Care on Teesside, Sunderland's Institute of Pharmacy and Chemistry and work with groups such as Health Action Zones.
Their proximity to health action zones and areas of known deprivation were assessed, to pinpoint exactly where Newlands -New Economic environments through Woodlands -could have the biggest impact.
The government claims to have made a start with help for poorer mothers and their children through such programmes as Sure Start and Health Action Zones, including one pioneered in Liverpool.
These services were launched in the Health Action Zones in 1999/2000 and were set up in all Health Authorities in England in 2000/2001.

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