head louse

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head louse

A parasitic louse (Pediculus humanus subsp. capitis) that infests the human scalp and causes itching.

head louse

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LOUSE: SOURCE: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; James Gathany


(lows) Pediculus.

body louse

Pediculus humanus corporis.

clothes louse

See: Pediculus humanus corporis

crab louse

Phthirus inguinalis and Phthirus pubis; the louse that infests the pubic region and other hairy areas of the body. See: pediculosis

head louse

Pediculus humanus capitis. See: illustration

head louse

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Headlice can pretty much be forgotten about when you leave school.
The first time I shampooed it out I could see the headlice literally jumping off
Chandler Schools principal Mel Wood announced as far back as May of 2013 that in Chandler, "We have had an outbreak of headlice at school.
Suitable for use as a child's daily shampoo and conditioner it also contains natural ingredients, tea tree oil and lemon eucalyptus, to help prevent headlice.
Why did school authorities' campaign against headlice stir such resentment among laborers?
The chemical has also been linked to Gulf War syndrome and to BSE - mad cow disease - yet is used on gardens, flea-collars on pets and to treat headlice on children.
Mary Johnson, the foster carer who looked after Christian, described him as a "happy little soul", but said when he arrived with her shortly after his first birthday he had headlice, and was thin and dirty.
A natural cure for headlice is available from Planet Solutions: Use a dilution of Planet Solutions 1:1 applied to dry hair and allowed to stay 20 minutes and reapply and stay another 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly and use nit comb.
During the next six months, health visitors advised the families on treatment for headlice, impetigo and threadworms.
The three-year-old boy's nappy was heavy with urine and both he and his five-year-old sister were crawling with headlice and nits.
These include Readiness for School (PS280), headlice (PS60) and toilet training (PS60).
At a lower level, we also deal with children who have been going to school dirty or with headlice infestations - it's those ones that break your heart.