Hct level

Hematocrit (Hct) level

A measure of red blood cells.
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They documented a strong, graded relationship between HCT level and the risk of developing heart failure in 3,523 Framingham participants aged 50-65 years who were free of a history of heart failure at baseline and were followed prospectively for up to 20 years.
When these definitions were used, the incidence of new-onset heart failure was 25 per 10,000 person-years in individuals with a low HCT level, 31 per 10,000 with a low-normal HCT, 38 per 10,000 with a normal HCT, and 48 per 10,000 in Framingham participants with high-normal HCT.
Blood samples were drawn (E0: baseline levels pre race, post exercise values 5 to 10 minutes after individual finish of stages E1, E4, E6) after five minutes of rest in supine position to determine Hb and Hct levels (Miniphotometer plus LP 20, Lange/Germany).
Hb concentration and Hct levels were measured using standard techniques in a commercial clinical laboratory, as part of complete blood counts.