Planck constant

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Planck con·stant (h),

a constant, 6.6260755 × 10-34 J · s or 6.6260755 × 10-27 erg-seconds = 6.6260755 × 10-34 J Hz-1.
[Max Planck]

Planck con·stant

(h) (plahngk kon'stănt)
A constant, 6.6260755 × 10-34 J · s (joule-seconds) or 6.6260755 × 10-27 erg-seconds = 6.6260755 × 10-34 J Hz-1 (joule per hertz).
[Max Planck]


Max, German physicist and Nobel laureate, 1858-1947.
Planck constant - a natural constant occurring in many physical formulas.
Planck theory - that energy can be emitted, transmitted, and absorbed only in discrete quantities. Synonym(s): quantum theory
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