Georges, French physician, 1841-1933. See: Hayem hematoblast, Hayem solution, Hayem-Widal syndrome.
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Ceci se passe toujours de la meme maniere, transcendant les temps et les espaces, par le voyage meme des artistes qui respirent l'antique poesie de cet heritage et cette sensibilite, tel LhajAbdelmajidSouiri, Hamza Jorti, ZainebAfailal, Hayem Look, NetaeElkayam ou Maher Diba.
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Hayem thought that platelets were the source of red cells and stated:
Holem tsaudi-Gam hayem (1937) is a harmonization of two popular tunes sung by chalutzim, and another harmonization of a similar rune is La reine de Saba scored for string quartet.
Profit at the company, based in Montreal, has risen for five consecutive years, said Jessy Hayem, an analyst with Desjardins Securities Inc.
The petition was signed in English and in Hebrew by Haskel Abdul Nubee, Murad Gubbay, Aaron Murad, Aaron Candi, David Sassoon, Mussa Azran, Isaac Dawud, Elijah Hayem, Elijah Moshe, and Nasub Solomon.
We're very happy with the sale of our pharmacy business to an industry leader such as The Harvard Drug Group," said Marc Hayem, CEO of Spectrum Chemical.
Le parcours politique de ce militant tenace et convaincu a alors commence en 1965, aux cotes d'autres militants ayant fonde les premieres assises du parti dans la capitale du Souss, notamment feu Othmane Akalay, maEtre Lahcen Farouki, Ahmed Chaoui M'zabi, Mohamed Ismaili, feu Lahcen Aich, Simon Hayem et bien d'autres.
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Hayem in 1877 provided a firm histologic basis for platelets, albeit he felt they were the origin of red cells and referred to them as "hematoblasts.