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C.A., U.S. orthodontist. See: Hawley appliance, Hawley retainer.
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Frank Hawley, lawyer and town-clerk, who rarely presented himself at the board, but now looked in hurriedly, whip in hand.
Hawley, whose bad language was notorious in that part of the county.
Frank Hawley, who was afraid of nobody, and was a Tory suspicious of electioneering intentions.
Moy as the husband of my niece--to whom he was lawfully married on the seventh of September last, at the Church of Saint Margaret, in the parish of Hawley, Kent.
Gideon Hawley's Birth and Death Records, 1766, Hawley Papers, MBC.
Every climbing season, Hawley would drive to mountaineers' hotels in Kathmandu to grill them before and after their expeditions, earning her the moniker "the Sherlock Holmes of the mountaineering world.
Hawley was urged to clean up his act, but any improvements on subsequent visits proved shortlived.
These warnings were largely ignored, and in April 2017 a formal abatement notice was served on Hawley under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, requiring him to clean and disinfect the yard and to keep it clean.
com/news/articles/2017-11-15/peter-thiel-gave-money-to-attorney-general-going-after-google) first reported on by Bloomberg , Thiel contributed $100,000 to Hawley in 2015 before donating two more $100,000 bundles to the then-candidate for attorney general in 2016.
Sister of Marion Delve of Kinston, Morley (Anne) Hawley of Tweed, and the late Myrtle and Howard Hawley.
That would be Samuel Hawley, the fascinatingly complicated and morally dubious titular character of Hannah Tinti's gorgeous and gut-wrenching new novel, The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley.
For his next trick, Hawley will attempt the unimaginable yet again: reinventing the superhero genre with a show about an obscure character plucked from the bowels of a franchise whose recent screen iterations have prompted whispers of fan fatigue.