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C.A., U.S. orthodontist. See: Hawley appliance, Hawley retainer.
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Frank Hawley, lawyer and town-clerk, who rarely presented himself at the board, but now looked in hurriedly, whip in hand.
Hawley, whose bad language was notorious in that part of the county.
Frank Hawley, who was afraid of nobody, and was a Tory suspicious of electioneering intentions.
Moy as the husband of my niece--to whom he was lawfully married on the seventh of September last, at the Church of Saint Margaret, in the parish of Hawley, Kent.
A breathtaking performance from Richard Hawley left his audience at the Sage Gateshead spellbound.
8, Giulietti encouraged Hawley to walk - at first with Giulietti's hand as guidance, then - at the therapist's insistence - without it.
Hawley teased that the new season will be inspired by Coen brothers' "Fargo," "Miller's Crossing" and "The Man Who Wasn't There.
Norman was a valued member of the Bay of Quinte Branch and received his UE certificate for Ichabod Hawley UE in May 2008.
Richard Hawley, Sage Gateshead Richard Hawley greeted all three floors of the packed Sage 1 auditorium with a sincere "Good to be back".
The Eighth Circuit Court also concluded that the evidence testified to by the government employee creates a genuine issue of material fact regarding whether Hawley caused NCCI to present claims for reimbursement to the FCIC.
He points out that Smoot Hawley did not raise tariffs to as high a level as is commonly thought.
9 and into the spring of 1930, the bill moved first through the House Ways and Means Committee, chaired by Representative Willis Hawley (R-Ore.