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Cigar smoking is linked to cancers of the oral cavity (lip, tongue, mouth, throat), oesophagus, larynx, lung, and possibly pancreas
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Accordingly, minute quantities of cigars from Jamaica found their way to Austria and Prussia in the 1870s (Fawcett 1907: 210), the Hanseatic ports of Hamburg and Bremen imported large amounts of leaf from the Dominican Republic as early as the 1840s (Baud 1988: 89-90), and American and British merchants habitually bought Havana cigars from the onset of the century (Gottesegen 1940: 140-1; Ortiz 1947: 307-8).
distributes the Havana cigars produced by Cuban factories.
I have used tobacco leaves, they are shavings from fine Havana cigars.
At more than pounds 300 per head for the Cigar Dinner alone, expectations were high, but five courses, several bottles of wine and many cigars later, the ailing leader ( a non-smoker ( still hadn't joined his many guests who return year after year to indulge a passion for Havana cigars.
A top executive from the local entrepreneurial group Tabacuba said international demand for Havana cigars, seriously damaged in 2002 due to economic difficulties, started to recover gradually in June 2003.
John Hollingsworth (above), based in the Great Western Arcade off Colmore Row, was presented with the award by Hunter & Franko, the only suppliers of Cuban Havana cigars in the UK.
After Pierce Brosnan's strong anti-smoking stand in his last film, he is seen savouring fat Havana cigars.
There - without the help of Churchill's Havana cigars and choice French brandy - she spent weeks plotting her anti-publicity campaign with military precision.
Cuba produced 50 million Havana cigars for export in the first quarter of 1999 -- a 22% increase from the year-ago period -- and was on target for record annual production of 200 million, say industry officials, reports CANA-Reuters (May 24, 1999).
Among this year's party perks are Havana cigars, top-shelf alcohol like Grey Goose and Veuve Cliquot champagne, car services home, and gifts for employees and their children.
Spend Located in a 15th century building in the market square, Restaurant Wentzl boasts great food, a terrific range of wines and Havana cigars.