Haussman, Haussman-Dunn gag

a speculum for examining the mouth cavity of cattle and sheep. Two horizontal plates accommodate the upper and lower dental arcades (upper dental pad in cattle). They are carried on ratcheted scissor-type mechanisms supported up each side of the face by a poll strap. When levered open the plates stay open until the ratchet is released. Gives excellent access to the mouth but excludes incisor teeth.
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They live only in the Boulevard Haussman, which is less picturesque; but in spite of this they have a great deal of the Balzac tone.
Haussman, who is a science teacher at the high school and runs the Unified track team in the spring, was approached by Doherty in the fall with the idea of setting up the basketball program.
In the past two years, we've seen multiple GroupWise releases going beyond just incremental enhancements that have really excited our team," said Robert Haussman, PhD.
in Hot Deal Avail the J'aime la MOde offer at Mandarin Oriental, Paris with a private shopping experience at Printemps Haussman for Euro 995.
It allows the owner to not only save on construction and operational costs from combining services such as the pool or housekeeping department, but it also gives them an opportunity to appeal to a wider array of potential clientele," said Glenn Haussman, editor-in-chief of Hotel Interactive
22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Person Films director Michael Haussman today announced his newest short film The Audition is confirmed to screen at the third and fourth film festivals since its premiere.
Yasmine Ergas, Nelle maglie della politica:femminismo, istituzioni e politiche sociali nell'Italia degli anni settanta (Milan: FrancoAngeli, 1986); Melissa Haussman and Birgit Sauer, eds.
Melissa Haussman (Praeger, 2013, 184 pp) 978-0313398223, $35.
We also performed a Haussman test on the model specification, which suggests that fixed effect panel models are appropriate.
In Federalism, Feminism and Multilevel Governance, edited by Melissa Haussman, Marian Sawer and Jill Vickers.
Writing for scholars and general readers, Haussman (political science, Carleton University, Canada) employs the new institutionalist framework and a feminist historical institutionalist lens to explain how the US government and private-sector research and medical institutions have ignored women's reproductive drug needs since the 19th century, in part due to economic pressures and fears of pro-life interests.