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If you're looking for modern kitchen cabinets or 14 Gauge Stainless Steel sinks then Studio Haus may be of interest to you.
A crude roadblock, manned by Manusians, has been erected across the road to West Haus and Hillside Haus, with signs saying "sewrage smell not tolerable", "please fix sewrage" and "we are not invisible" (sic).
Unless that palate is hankering for an imported or big macro brand: Dog Haus pours only beers made in the U.
To date, there has been limited analysis of the informal media distribution and exhibition in PNG through the haus piksa phenomenon as part of the PNG media landscape.
Nine months later, Child Haus transferred to a seven-bedroom bungalow on Mapang-akit Street in Quezon City that Sy had purchased.
The Haus Krai component is issued via the group's life unit.
Haus of Laser, based at the White Haus salon in Cleveland Square, offers cosmetic laser tattoo removal and the revolutionary Super Hair Removal, a totally pain free hair removal service, as well as IPL anti-ageing treatment, resulting in a new you
The Child Haus offers shelter to cancer-stricken children who do not have a place to stay while undergoing medical evaluation and treatment in government hospitals in Metro Manila.
Producer and Bake Haus founder Y=oin told us a bit about the group's ethos:"Bake Haus was a night started by myself, Zubuntu and Grill Cosby as an homage to our friend and fellow Aberdonian producer, Ewan Robertson aka Offshore, after his passing a year or two ago.
For anyone who was not able to visit the hotel during one of the most recent events, the staff at Random Haus invites them to call and set up a personal tour of the property.
The basic concept for the GUtech Eco Haus design was initiated by second year students of the Department of Urban Planning and Architectural Design at GUtech.
In addition, L haus is launching a new website (www.