Hate Crime

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A crime committed against a member of a particular group, motivated by a prejudice against that particular group
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And the investigation of the murder of Jeffrey "Jennifer" Laude will move forward with deliberate resolve without the emotional appeal being used by parties who pursue other agenda beyond the possible hatecrime nature of the killing.
In fact he went public about it and had his picture printed in this paper and I'm sure his bravery contributed greatly to the awareness of hatecrime and the importance of reporting it.
An important counterpoise to Mavis in the film is Matt Freehauf (Oswalt), a student non-entity whom Mavis remembers only vaguely as 'The hatecrime guy'.
Commanders at all levels and heads of DoD Components will continue to deny access to sites with prohibited content and to prohibit users from engaging in prohibited activity via social media sites (eg, pornography, gambling, hatecrime related activities).
10, 1998, at A-9 (reporting assault of Matthew Shepard, an openly gay student who was beaten and tied to a fence for eighteen hours in Laramie, Wyoming); Trial of Three Men to Begin Today in Lubbock HateCrime Rampage, DALLAS MORNING NEWS, Nov.
ODIHR collects and publishes information about incidents of hate crime in the OSCE region annually on the Hate Crime Reporting Website (HCRW), which can be found at hatecrime.
The LGBT community is now raising the hatecrime angle.