Hate Crime

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A crime committed against a member of a particular group, motivated by a prejudice against that particular group
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I feel that the Democrats will end up with control of either Congress or the White House, not both, Without those dual `controls,' they won't push all that hard for hate-crimes legislation for at least another two years.
Since Matt's death, I have read a lot about the arguments for and against hate-crimes legislation, and I believe it's something we need.
Even in Wyoming, one of only ten states without any hate-crimes legislation, two bills that included sexual orientation as a protected category died in the senate judiciary committee.
I made the comment that if you want to change your image, you should support hate-crimes legislation, because this is consistent with the civil rights views that the majority of Republicans have.
The Quakers' action probably won't have much impact in Congress, where support for the hate-crimes bill is stronger than it has ever been.
Bush made sure the state's hate-crimes legislation never reached his desk.
Republicans have thwarted the best chance this year at expanding federal hate-crimes protections to include gay men and lesbians.
President Bush should back off his ill-advised veto threat and clear the way for a long-overdue expansion of the federal hate-crimes law.
I am pleased to see that Republican senator Gordon Smith of Oregon, who has distinguished himself among Republicans by actively supporting some gay rights legislative efforts, thinks hate-crimes expansion and even the Employment Non-Discrimination Act may pass this year as a way for Republicans visibly to "reach out more broadly to the entire American community" in the aftermath of Trent Lott's downfall.
Years ago, when I first heard about hate-crimes legislation, I could not believe my ears and thought to myself that no rational, logical person would go for this.