Hate Crime

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A crime committed against a member of a particular group, motivated by a prejudice against that particular group
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Gee Walker, who has been campaigning against hate crime since her son Anthony was killed in a racially motivated attack near McGoldrick Park, in Huyton, in 2005, has backed the initiative.
If it becomes law, the act would mean especially good news for transgender people, since it would compel the FBI to collect statistics on hate crimes motivated by gender identity, a type of offense the agency doesn't currently track.
But according to Canadian law professor Alan Young, such measures simply aren't enough: What is needed is a full-blown, Soviet-style program of government-imposed "deprogramming" for those accused of hate crimes.
In the wake of such incidents as the Iran hostage crisis, the Gulf War, the Oklahoma City bombing, and, most recently, the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Sikh Americans have been targeted for hate crimes by racists who found them to be convenient scapegoats for dehumanized, nonwhite "others" at whom they wanted to strike.
Incidental to their criminal activity, they commit hate crimes.
The supporters of laws against hate crimes argue that such crimes should be disproportionately punished because they victimize more than the victim.
In 1990, only seven of the 31 states that had hate crime statutes included gender.
A product of the identity politics mindset that has come to dominate American society over the past two decades, the hate crime news formula uses widely recognizable and understood images - burning crosses and churches, neo-Nazi goose-steppers, and, most recently, the burned corpse of Billy Jack Gaither in Coosa County, Alabama; James Byrd, chained and dragged behind a pickup truck in Jasper, Texas; and Shepard's silhouetted body lashed to a Laramie, Wyoming, buck fence - to suggest that the United States is a seething cauldron of hate directed at members of unpopular groups.
Herek's study, "The Impact of Hate Crime Victimization," is available on the Internet at http://psychology.
People are afraid to tell anybody that they've been the victim of a hate crime because they're scared that the perpetrator will go after them again.
LOS ANGELES -- The movie that has been called a "hypnotic, unforgettable story" by PlanetOut, HATE CRIME has recently signed a deal with leading independent home entertainment company Image Entertainment for video distribution.
RELIGIOUS hate crime more than doubled in Tyne and Wear last year, new figures show, as officials bid to raise awareness of a growing issue.