Karl, Danish biochemist and physician, 1874-1962. See: Henderson-Hasselbalch equation.
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Physical Exercise Reduces Psychiatric Symptoms of Alzheimer's in Four-Month Study At AAIC 2015, Steen Hasselbalch, MD, and colleagues from the Danish Dementia Research Centre (DDRC), Copenhagen, Denmark reported results from the Danish ADEX Study, the first large, controlled trial of moderate to high intensity exercise in people with mild to moderate Alzheimer's in Denmark.
Of these, 10 will feature first and second-time filmmakers including Macondo (Austria, Germany) by Sudabeh Mortezai, Antboy (Denmark) by Ask Hasselbalch, '#chicagoGirl: The Social Network Takes On a Dictator' (US, Syria) by Joe Piscatella and the opening night world premiere of 'Speed Sisters' (US, Qatar) by Amber Fares, underscoring the Doha Film Institute's year-round support of emerging filmmakers from the Men region and around the world.
Jacob Aleksander, David Harboe, Mads Hostrup Mortensen and Erik Hasselbalch pulled together a range of entrepreneurial skills, from market research to coding, to form Rentecarlo with help from Newcastlebased business accelerator Ignite100.
How could this fellow rheumatology in nephrology with his constant calculation of the anion gap or his hourly resort to the Henderson Hasselbalch equation consider us, but not himself, the real elite?
Brian Hasselbalch, Acting Associate Director, Policy and Communication, OMPQ CDER, FDA (invited)
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In our population, thymus size peaked at approximately 6 months of age and then decreased by 16 months of age, consistent with previous studies documenting the development of the thymus in humans (George and Ritter 1996; Hasselbalch et al.
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Survivors include a son, Bob of Eugene; three daughters, Joellen Sanderson and Janet Williams, both of Eugene, and Jill Shoemaker of Gresham; a sister, Shirley Hasselbalch of St.
Pets are definitely a part of the family and home," Dunnel Hasselbalch, public relations manager for IKEA North America, told HFN.