Joseph Ritter von, Czech ophthalmologist, 1819-1892. See: Hasner fold.
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1, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Jillian Hasner has been appointed to serve as President and Chief Executive Officer of Take Stock in Children, a statewide non-profit organization with a 20-year history of helping low-income and at-risk youth break the cycle of poverty by providing scholarships, mentors and hope.
45-47) A negative finding where no fluorescein is observed indicates an obstruction, which may be anywhere from the punctum to the valve of Hasner.
Nasolacrimal duct obstruction (NLDO) is the most common lacrimal abnormality in infants and children, occurring in 2% to 30% of newborns, most commonly secondary to incomplete canalization of the distal nasolacrimal duct, specifically the valve of Hasner.
Hasner also brought the anti-Islamic film, "Obsession" to the state capital to screen it for fellow legislators.
CREW: S Howarth (1), C Mrakas, D Charlton (1), J Boyle (2), M Marten-Coney, P Sander (1), R Kaspercyzk (1), T Hasner (1), W Marchbank
On behalf of Agriculture Commissioner Adam Hasner, Attorney General Pam Bondi sued the EPA to block enforcement of those new water pollution standards, which were aimed at stopping nitrogen and phosphorous pollution from sewers, septic tanks, paper mills and stormwater runoff with excess fertilizer, In one legal motion, Bondi accused the EPA of exaggerating the pollution problem--but filed it the same day the state DEP put out its own new water pollution regulations.
section] 75 (rejecting a contractarian theory of the state and explaining that "[i] t is the rational destiny [Bestimmung] of human beings to live within a state, and even if no state is yet present, reason requires that one be established" (translation in original)); Pierre Hasner, Georg W.
Nazolakrimal yol dogumda kanallasmasini henuz tamamlamamistir ve %70 olguda nazolakrimal kanal son bolumunde Hasner valvulunun delinmesinden dolayi membranoz tikaniklik mevcuttur.
Bennett and Representative Adam Hasner, is modeled on a similar program that was originally adopted by the City of Berkeley, California.
Discussion entre Jacques Delors, Pierre Hasner, Jacques le Goff et Alain Tourraine", in: Esprit.
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Antonio Galateos Eremita und die 'lukianizierung' der religiosen Diskurses"; Henning Hufnagel, "'Mercurio' und pedante, Dialog und Komodie: Zur Inszenierung wissenschaftlicher Autoritat in der Cena de le ceneri Giordano Brunos"; and Bernd Hasner, "Dialog und Essay: Zwei 'Weisen der Welterseugung' an der Schwelle zur Neuzeit.