Heinrich, German physician, 1811-1884. See: Häser formula, Trapp-Häser formula.
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Pride of place at the expo has been given to 30 pages of a huge edition of the Holy Quran on display, written in Al Thuluth script by Abdullah bin Mohammad bin Mahmoud Al Hamdani by order of Al Malak Al Haser Muhammad in 713.
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What he meant by haser was the courtyard or patio (called hosh in the vernacular), in the middle of the house.
We hold regular lectures on driving in fog, rain and adverse weather conditions in general, which are part of the training for a driving licence, and students are advised to attend these lectures but they don't have to as it is optional," said Abdul Qader Mohammad Haser, Instructors' Supervisor at Galadari Driving Institute.
Midrash Haser ve-Yeter asks why the word yimlokh is written in the text of Exodus 15:18 without a letter vav.
Jonathan Cooper, of LSH, said: "From initial discussions with the council, they are fairly open minded on uses - residential, key worker or student accommodation, hotel, or offices - depending on the purc haser.
Kate Haser, executive director of Jesuit Volunteer Corps East for 23 years, said the Fairfield survey confirms what she knows through her regular contact with former volunteers.
AT&T has the global reach and technology we need to support our growth plans anywhere in the world," said Bill Haser, chief information officer for Tenneco.
Haser (education, Marymount University) and Nasser (researcher, American University) examine three public schools in Fairfax County, Virginia that have switched to a year-round or modified calendar in hopes of raising state standardized test scores.
Haser is Doctoral Candidate in Teacher Education, and Star, Ph.