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They have obviously never met Tom Harrisson, who made his name by living with head-hunters in Borneo and cannibals in New Guinea.
Harrisson concludes: "We believe that this cooperation is unique in our industry, but it shows that with commitment, suppliers, customers and recyclers can work together and create a solution that is beneficial to the planet.
CONTACT: Optus, Optus Corporate Affairs, Simone Bergholcs, Tel: +61-2-93427846, CommTel Network Solutions Pty Ltd, Michael Harrisson, Tel.
Huddersfield student Clare Harrisson was crowned Britain's cleverest pupil after passing her history A-level - with a 100% mark.
PHOTOGRAPHIC work by Barbara Harrisson is particularly impressive, with its ambiguous images of sliced flesh, bondage, death and disease, contrasted with sensuous images of ripe fruit, conjuring up a uncomfortable frisson of association.
Denis Harrisson, "Gestion Integrale de la Qualite: univers des acteurs et contexte d'innovation," Labour/Le Travail, 43 (Spring 1999), 147-69.
And Mr Peter Harrisson, who stepped down as chief executive on January 22, received pounds 222,000 in compensation for termination of his employment.
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Paul's next live performance will take place tomorrow night at the National Concert Hall where he'll be joined by Lisa Hannigan, Gemma Hayes, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Cathy Davey and Danielle Harrisson for a special rendition of the Printer Clips album, which is released today, and some choice covers.
The researchers, Charles Madge, Humphrey Jennings, and Tom Harrisson, with the help of the information gathered by the volunteers, produced reports, books, and documentary accounts of everyday life through observing and interviewing ordinary British citizens.
Zou Qi (2009), "China's Outward FDI and Employment", in Harrisson, Denis; Gyorgy Szell & Reynald Bourque (Eds.
Adam Harrisson (77) and Croft (66), were the top run getters in the visitors score of 198-8.