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Edward, English physician, 1766-1838. See: Harrison groove.
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Miss Harrison," said Holmes, speaking with the utmost intensity of manner, "you must stay where you are all day.
It was arranged as he suggested, though Miss Harrison excused herself from leaving the bedroom, in accordance with Holmes's suggestion.
Why had he asked Miss Harrison to remain in the sick-room all day?
The blind was not down in your room, and I could see Miss Harrison sitting there reading by the table.
Yes; I had given Miss Harrison instructions to lock the door on the outside and take the key with her when she went to bed.
The facts of the case, as far as I have worked them out, are these: this Joseph Harrison entered the office through the Charles Street door, and knowing his way he walked straight into your room the instant after you left it.
I kept Miss Harrison in it all day so that he might not anticipate us.
Joseph Harrison is a gentleman to whose mercy I should be extremely unwilling to trust.
He had striven to help the unfortunate Harrison at the risk of incurring Wolf Larsen's anger.
But making an extra trip to the galley a little later, I was gladdened by the sight of Harrison staggering weakly from the rigging to the forecastle scuttle.
I could see that he knew what had made me possibly as sick as Harrison, that he was trying to draw me, and I answered, "It was because of the brutal treatment of that boy.
It was a couple of days after this that Maureen Cannon asked her sister to check on the Harrisons after Mrs Harrison failed to answer her phone.