Harris, R.I.

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R.I., 20th century Canadian orthopedist.
Harris anterolateral approach
Harris brace-type reamer
Harris broach
Harris cemented hip prosthesis
Harris cement gun
Harris center-cutting acetabular reamer
Harris condylocephalic nailing
Harris condylocephalic rod
Harris femoral component removal
Harris growth arrest line
Harris hip scale
Harris hip status system
Harris lateral approach
Harris medullary nail
Harris plate
Harris prosthesis
Harris splint sling
Harris superior acetabular graft
Harris view
Harris wire tier
Salter-Harris classification of epiphysial plate injuries - see under Salter, Robert
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He said: "I have to teach students the dark side of animal life, as well as the sort of Rolf Harris view of animal life.
Thus, Harris views the brain as an integral element in the origins of behavior, while the organism is an onlooker to its behavior.
bar] SIR - Given that councillor Mike Harris views the BNP's immigration policy as "sensible" ("Outrage over Welsh councillor's Facebook rant against immigrants", Sep 6), it is probably fruitless to try to convince him to change his principles.
Harris views Norac's consistent track record of producing quality products combined with a world-leading reputation for exceptional customer application support as considerable assets.
Conferon founder Bruce Harris views the new arrangement as a dynamic partnership of like-minded companies.