Harris and Ray test

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Har·ris and Ray test

(ha'ris rā),
an obsolete test for vitamin C in the urine; a microtitration test of the urine against a known amount of 0.05% aqueous solution of the dye 2,6-dichloroindophenol in 10% acetic acid (usually 0.05 mL of dye is used, roughly equivalent to 0.025 mg of ascorbic acid).
Synonym(s): Harris test
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It's the Rolf Harris test today, a test you're directing at someone's intentions towards you and, yes, it may just be your lucky day.
In a 1998 Internet polling Harris test run, predictions were made in 22 Senate and governors' races.
Harris test confirms outstanding performance of satellite communications system
Designed with the ruggedness expected from Harris test sets and currently backed by a three-year warranty, the enhanced waterproof case has tested to withstand high rainfall intensities accompanied by winds of 40 miles per hour, exceeding the American Military Specification Standard -- MIL-STD-810E.
By interfacing Marconi's LTSC software with Harris test units, Harris customers are insured of continuing use of their embedded investment and are provided a migration path through Marconi's line of POTS and DSL remote measurement units.
With this new leased line test capability, our customers can significantly enhance their current Harris Test System capabilities," said Alan Lowell, chief technology officer, Harris Network Support Division, Camarillo, California.
The TS25D test set will be the first Harris test set equipped with an oversized liquid crystal display (LCD) screen, making the intuitive, common sense menus easy to read.
Ongoing expansion of the Telemar network is expected to broaden the Harris test system's application to encompass additional subscriber lines and broadband DSL testing.
This agreement gives our customers the option to deploy the Harris test system in their network," said Jim Cerwinski, senior manager, Lucent Technologies' InterNetworking Systems Group.
HyperEdge Corporation today announced the interoperability and software integration of its UNELink(TM) Loop Management System with the complete portfolio of Harris test systems.
The UNELink system is able to provide any-to-any switching functionality, along with complete test access, allowing Harris test equipment to be centrally managed via the UNEView manager.