Harrington, Paul R.

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Paul R., U.S. orthopedic surgeon, 1911–.
Harrington clamp
Harrington deep surgical scissors
Harrington flat wrench
Harrington hook driver
Harrington instrumention
Harrington operation
Harrington retractor
Harrington rod instrumentation
Harrington scissors
Harrington spinal elevator
Harrington spinal fusion
Harrington spinal instrumentation
Harrington strut
Harrington thoracic forceps
Harrington tonometer
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Apply cephalad traction to the uterus and place a Harrington retractor anteriorly to retract the bladder away from the cervix on the upper portion of the vagina.
Repeat the procedure on the left side after adjusting the Harrington retractor slightly to the left and identifying the course of the ureter where the Kocher clamp will be placed.