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Q. Hi everyone, My name is Emma and I have suffered with Bipolar disorder for 6 years I have been on medication for 5 years and I find this helps a little bit but I still suffer from severe mood swings. I am so sick of it, I get really angry over nothing at all and I abuse everyone around me, I know while I am doing it that I am being awful but I literally can not stop it! Does anyone else suffer like this? Does anyone have any advice on how to help?

A. when you abuse someone he takes it personally, this is why he get's hurt. he thinks he done something wrong, he gets angry, gets offended and such. but if you'll tell them that you are sorry but you might be like that and that it's not their fault (and not yours too!)- they'll understand and not be offended by you. they'll be more patient and calm when it'll happen. just telling people about your problem can really help, it's not obvious as it seems.

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Once she has married off her close companions, she alights upon the pretty Harriet Smith to fashion into her new playmate and ally.
In this stunning, gender-bending, stylish dance-of-manners version of Jane Austen's beloved classic novel EMMA -- an alternate Regency where gay marriage is commonplace and love is gender-blind -- matchmaking Emma Woodhouse tries to find a suitable spouse for her lover Harriet Smith, and is embroiled in the secrets of the relationship between the mysterious and accomplished James Fairfax and the handsome Frank Churchill.
Guardino, still Harriet Smith, graduated from Grants Pass High School on June 3, 1938.
FOR five years, Harriet Smith survived on little else but apples, washed down with strong black coffee and Diet Cock.
Critics of Emma have traditionally viewed Harriet Smith as a mechanism for the heroine's growth and development, but Austen also presents the anonymous parlor boarder as an integral component of Highbury's growth.
Harriet Smith, BBC Music Magazine editor, said: 'We received an impressive number of entries and the overall standard was exceptionally high, which is particularly exciting given that the competition is only in its second year.
Harriet Smith is the newly arrived UK Ambassador who, unlike the typical British Foreign Office mandarin, likes using a human approach to solve problems.
Pauline Collins also returns as Harriet Smith in Ambassador (9pm, BBC1) and finds her personal life clashing with her professional career when she embarks on a romance with a British businessman (Peter Egan).
The cast also includes Samantha Morton as Harriet Smith, Emma's sweet but graceless protege; Dominic Rowan as Mr.
She focuses much of her attention on finding a match for her simple friend Harriet Smith (Toni Collette, who some may remember as Muriel in Muriel's Wedding).
The point, of course, is that rich mixture of wit and morality in the self-deluded plotting of Emma playing matchmaker for her naive protegee Harriet Smith (Toni Colette) and becoming temporarily attracted to Frank Churchill (Ewan McGregor), a much-heralded bachelor who arrives to complicate the plot-line.
Harriet Smith, one of the pitching aces of the New York team, was probably its best-known athlete.