Harpagophytum procumbens

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A bitter African herb, the root of which contains harpagoside; it has been used topically for skin lesions, and internally for arthritis, diabetes, gallbladder disease, gastrointestinal complaints, and liver dysfunction, and is said to be a potent analgesic

Harpagophytum procumbens,

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In 2002, we reported the results of an 8-week, 3-centre surveillance of treatment of back, knee or hip pain with the aqueous standardized Harpagophytum extract, Doloteffin[R] (Chrubasik et al.
Inhibition of TNF-[alpha] synthesis in LPS-stimulated primary human monocytes by Harpagophytum extract SteiHap 69.
We have recently reported a 6-week double-blind pilot study comparing an aqueous extract of Harpagophytum (Doloteffin[R]) and rofecoxib in the treatment of exacerbations of chronic low back pain (Chrubasik et al.
I'd also try 10 drops of harpagophytum in a little water twice daily after meals to help stabilise that part of the immune system responsible in the treatment of allergies.
The role of stomachal digestion on the pharmacological activity of plant extracts, using as an example extracts of Harpagophytum procumbens.
THE herbal anti-inflammatory Harpagophytum (Devil's Claw) would be a good choice.
After that, it is better to take a remedy such as Glucosamine, Chien Pu Wan, Knot Grass Complex or Harpagophytum.
To build up his immunity and act as an anti-inflammatory, he should try Harpagophytum at a dose of 20 drops in a little water, twice daily after meals.
Special extracts from the roots of Harpagophytum procumbens (Devil's Claw) are used in the supportive treatment of inflammatory diseases, and the iridoid derivative harpagoside is thought to be the active principle.
ATHIS condition is known as urticaria, and can be treated with Pollinosan, taken at a dose of 10 drops, twice a day, before meals, with 15 drops of Harpagophytum after meals.
Take 10 drops twice daily of Harpagophytum in a little water before meals for at least two months.