Harold Shipman

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A UK general practitioner who was convicted of killing 15 women largely with lethal injections of heroin. Some believing the number was even higher
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The DNB has always included criminals, particularly those whose crimes led to sustained public interest and debate about legal or medical issues, as in the case of Harold Shipman.
The Howard Martin inquiry was a different investigation to that of Harold Shipman.
Opening the case for the prosecution, Nigel Grundy said: "This case arises from an attempt on Feb 18, 1994, by Dr Harold Shipman to kill one of his patients.
SERIAL killer Harold Shipman refused to co-operate with prison staff from the minute he was transferred to one of the country's toughest jails.
Harold Shipman should have been executed four years ago.
Harold Shipman was a cruel and arrogant man who, one suspects, would have gone to his natural death denying his guilt and denying anyone an explanation.
Comment: Last year "killer doctor" Harold Shipman was discovered to have murdered hundreds of patients but this career of crime seems to have made no impact on the Blair government.
Harold Shipman, a physician who served families in Hyde, England for two decades, killed at least 200 more people than previously thought while in his care, according to an article by The Associated Press.
That doctor was Harold Shipman and, as the shocking tale of his depravity was gradually revealed, it emerged that Mrs Grundy was the final victim of a killing spree that saw him murder more than 250 times.
A CITY law firm has recruited a new member of staff who worked on the inquest into the death of Harold Shipman and defended Royal butler Paul Burrell.
Harold Shipman: Dr Death (Discovery Channel, 9pm) ON MONDAY, January 31, 2000, family GP Harold Shipman was jailed for life for the murder of 15 patients, making him the UK's most prolific serial killer.
2000: GP Harold Shipman was convicted of the murder of 15 patients.