hard disk drive

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hard disk drive,

n the mechanism that controls the positioning, reading, and writing of the hard disk, which provides the largest amount of storage for the computer.
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The ThinkCentre M57/M57P also comes with Intel[R] vPro technology that enables IT staff to remotely perform system maintenance, including installing security patches and ensuring energy policy settings, even if the system is powered down or if the bios or hardrive is inoperative.
But days after arriving back in Britain the Sony camcorder containing the Beijing footage on hardrive was among a haul swiped from her home by raiders.
a data collection module that polls PCs for their hardware and software configuration (including processor type, system files, hardrive size, RAM and disk space);
The complete solution, available worldwide over the second quarter of 2001, enables companies to reduce their total cost and security risk relative to having these identification credentials being stored in the insecure environment of a network, or a PC hardrive.