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, gen.




(ad'eps, ad'i-pis, -pēz),
1. Denoting fat or adipose tissue.
See also: adeps lanae.
2. The rendered fat of swine, lard, used in the preparation of ointments.
See also: adeps lanae. Synonym(s): lard
[L. lard, fat]


(lahrd) purified internal fat of the abdomen of the hog.


[L. lardum, fat]
Purified fat from the hog. The sole nutrient is fat; a 100-g portion contains 902 kcal.

benzoinated lard

Lard containing 1% benzoin, used as a vehicle for certain types of topically applied medicines.


commercially retrieved pig fat.
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Too much meat, hard fats and sugars and the chemicals and pesticides in every-day food are also a strain on the liver.
Have three portions a week and, at the same time, halve the amount of hard fats, such as butter and cheese you eat.
A SATURATED fats are hard fats such as butter and lard, and unsaturated fats are the oils found in fish, nuts, seeds and plants.