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Gerhard A., Norwegian physician, 1841-1912. See: Hansen bacillus, Hansen disease.
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42) At Hanssen's trial, prosecutors alleged the Soviets paid Hanssen $600,000 in cash and diamonds and put $800,000 more in an escrow account for him in Russia.
According to Joseph Hanssen, senior vice president of operational risk, "Our vision was to develop an operational risk management framework that would create and sustain a competitive advantage for Wachovia through lower earnings volatility, greater customer satisfaction and enhanced reputation.
El viejo proverbio de que "tu no me ganaste, yo perdi" esta latente en un reciente informe del Departamento de Justicia de Estados Unidos, en el que se minimiza el intelecto de Robert Hanssen, el celebre espia norteamericano que trabajo 22 anos para Moscu.
Rolf Hanssen is responsible for MTU Friedrichshafen and the worldwide off-highway business.
Hanssen said at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.
Robert Hanssen of the FBI, who is the subject of two biographies by
No American has escaped injury from the espionage to which Robert Hanssen pled guilty.
This may have been the worse ever spy case since the atom bomb and the Rosenbergs until Hanssen.
Early this year, FBI agent Robert Hanssen made front-page headlines.
As the government dishes the dirt on spy suspect Robert Hanssen, journalists fail to pull their heads out and look for the whole story
But this February, Hanssen was the one being tracked down.
Some Opus Dei critics have suggested Hanssen funneled income from spying to Opus Dei.