von Hansemann, D.P.

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von Hansemann,

D.P., German pathologist, 1858-1920.
Hansemann macrophages - large cells associated with a granulomatous condition primarily affecting the urinary tract.
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35) The message also said that on the morning of 8 June, von Hansemann, the director of the German Disconto Gesellschaft bank, visited the German foreign office where he was assured that the German government would be taking steps in Paris to thwart the undertaking, but that it was not going to intervene in St.
In 1903 von Hansemann coined the term 'malakoplakia' derived from the Greek malakos (soft) and plakos (plaque).
The coal required for the production of coke was supplied by the Hansa, Westhausen and Adolf von Hansemann wells and transported via conveyor belts to the different bunkers of the sort tower.
Renal interstitium was massively expanded by a cellular infiltration, including some foamy eosinophilic macrophages (von Hansemann cells).
Von Hansemann first described it in a necropsy study in 1903.
31) Malakoplakia is characterized by a distinctive and potentially tumefactive infiltrate of histiocytes with abundant granular pink cytoplasm (von Hansemann histiocytes) that resemble the histiocytes of CSH.
The aneuploidy theory of cancer was introduced by David von Hansemann in 1890 and formally stated by Theodor Boveri in 1914.
As Hansemann, a proprietor of textile and insurance companies of Aachen, and one of the founders of the Koln-Mindener (Cologne-Minder) railway company put it, the crucial point was not the capital but the "hope for profits" [Hansemann, 1837, p.
Central to his account are a number of particularly well-known and outspoken entrepreneurs, most notably David Hansemann, Ludolf Camphausen, and Gustav Mevissen.
The Florresei-Gesellschaft in Aachen (for which David Hansemann, the prominent liberal, acted as vice president in 1847-48) also sought to speak as serious men.
Altrusa International: Altrusa International of Elgin, a service club for active and retired executive and professional women, presents "Love Songs" by Diva Montell with pianist Murna Hansemann on Friday, Feb.