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Hans, Swiss ophthalmologist, 1905–.
Wagner disease - progressive liquefaction and destruction of the vitreous humor with grayish-white preretinal membranes, myopia, cataract, retinal detachment, and hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. Synonym(s): hyaloideoretinal degeneration; Wagner syndrome
Wagner syndrome - Synonym(s): Wagner disease
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Pictured above l-r: Eran Polack, Sariel Engel, Hans Wagner, Monzer Khafagy, Amir Hasid, Nir Amsel, Samuel Wagner.
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PET lover Hans Wagner has a furry large problem on his hands - his huge 17lb bunny Deutschen Riesen.
The huge rabbit was the highlight of a Berlin fair, where top breeder Hans Wagner stunned other owners with his star entrant.
Laboratory tests ''have shown indirect evidence that it was a virus of subtype H7,'' FAO bird flu expert Hans Wagner told Kyodo News upon his return from Pyongyang, where he assisted in diagnosing the virus.
Additional funding has come from Gartmore and individual investment from Pelikon founder Dr Hans Wagner, and the company's chief executive Mike Powell.
Founder and chief executive Dr Hans Wagner said: "We have grown at a phenomenal rate since inception and currently have order potential in excess of pounds 500,000.
Tessera is one of the industry's leading technology development and licensing companies," said Hans Wagner, Eyesquad's Chairman.
Mass culling in affected areas is currently considered as the most effective way of stamping out the highly contagious virus that has so far hit 10 countries in Asia," said Hans Wagner, senior animal production and health officer.
Dr Hans Wagner, founder and chief executive of ELumin said, "We have grown at a phenomenal rate since inception and currently have order potential in excess of pounds 500,000.
In addition, Hans Wagner, Chairman, and Tal Barnoach, Executive Vice-Chairman,
The grower representatives are: Dale Antonowich, Durham; Seeley Mudd, Gerber; Pia Sevelius, Chico; Roy Gill, Dixon; Joe Marsh, Arbuckle; Byron Shinkle, Sutter; Allen Sipma, Manteca; John Thoming, Tracy; Tim Weststeyn, Ripon; Joe Gasper, Escalon; Joe Roche, Escalon; Tim Roos, Ripon; Dennis Bowers, Modesto; Garrett Bowman, Modesto; Hans Wagner, Modesto; Jeffrey Abraham, Denair; John Starn, Modesto; Rob Vilas, Ceres; Jeff Cederlind, Winton; Kenneth Gridley, Atwater; S.