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Hans, German bacteriologist, 1877-1945.
Sachs-Georgi test - the first precipitin test for syphilis of diagnostic practicality.
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For a modern edition of Hans Sachs's play (in seven acts), see Dichtungen von Hans Sachs, Dritter Theil.
41) For an excellent introduction to Sachs's life and work, see Eckhard Bernstein, Hans Sachs (Reinbek bei Hamburg: Rowohlt, 1993).
Joinery, Verfliesungsarbelten, flooring and floor coverings, suspended ceilings and outdoor facilities for the elderly, nursing home Wels Hans Sachs street.
Among many career firsts these days, bass-baritone Gerald Finley is surely the first singer to voice Wagner's Hans Sachs on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.
Another reason is that among the three new offerings last year was the epic re-staging of Wagner's Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg, which saw opera superstar Bryn Terfel making his role debut as Hans Sachs.
The production, with Bryn Terfel in the central role of the cobbler poet Hans Sachs won the Opera category of The South Bank Show Sky Arts Awards yesterday.
Hans Sachs (Chair): Past President of the SoHT and lead scientist in high profile cases such as Harold Shipman and "Black Widow" case.
The role of shoemaker Hans Sachs, with his poet's heart, seems to have been written especially for Terfel.
Changes between manuscript and print fall together with questions of vernacular adaptation in the investigation, next, of German prose translations, and after a brief consideration of single-leaf prints, the final chapters look first at Hans Folz, whose Fastnachtspiel exists in two versions (with another Shrovetide play by Zacharias Bletz), and then at the use of the story by Hans Sachs.
The following year, the Pirckheimer Society honored Hans Sachs on the 500th anniversary of his birth with a symposium (Hans Sachs im Schnittpunkt von Antike und Neuzeit = Pirckheimer Jahrbuch, 1995).
This DVD captures that production, directed by David McVicar, conducted by Vladimir Jurowski and starring baritone Gerald Finley in his role debut as Hans Sachs.