Held, Hans

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Hans, German anatomist, 1866-1942.
Held bundle - a bundle of thick, heavily myelinated fibers that ends in the medial region of the anterior horn of the cervical spinal cord and appears to be involved in head movements during visual and auditory tracking. Synonym(s): tectospinal tract
Held decussation - the crossing of some of the fibers arising from the cochlear nuclei to form the lateral lemniscus.
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This insightful resource has fifteen chapters covering topics including the early history of German animation; how Walt Disney became Walter Distler, global power for German trickfilm, Wolfgang Kaskeline, Hans Held, the phenomenology and psychology of cartoons, classified animation, animated maps to hail German victories, and the postwar era of German animation.
Prior to joining Circle, Hans held the position of Regional Vice President with Celadon/Jacky Maeder (CJM), an international freight forwarding joint venture recently acquired by Circle in February, 1996.
Hans held executive positions at Ericsson, Honeywell-Allied Signal, Dun & Bradstreet, and Unisys.