Ernst, Swiss internist, 1891-1973. See: Hanhart syndrome.
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The daughter of Ian Shanks, owner of Blueline Taxis company in Wallsend, North Tyneside was born with rare condition, Hanhart syndrome, and was given a Brave Heart Award age five for never letting her condition get her down.
8220;At DogBreedCartoon we are consummate dog lovers, and wanted to share our love of dogs in unique, fun and colorful ways so that other dog lovers all over the world could enjoy and show off their love of their favorite dog breed,” said Claude Hanhart, founder of the DogBreedCartoon.
Summary: Luxury watch manufacturer Hanhart announced the Middle East launch of a new divers watch.
Luxury watch manufacturer Hanhart has launched a new divers watch collection named Primus which incorporates state-of-the-art Swiss technology.
Others such as luxury watch manufacturer, Hanhart, recently announced Dubai as its base for establishing its regional headquarters without a distributor to boot.
Over a dozen years ago, doctors told the then-pregnant Stacey Santonastasso that her unborn child was afflicted with Hanhart syndrome type II, a rare condition that would result, they said, in her child being helpless for life.
In The Open Tomb, Hanhart provides an extensive and startlingly innovative consideration of First Testament influence on the Second.
The 8800 is an ideal application switch to help Zango manage business growth and control costs," said Doug Hanhart, Chief Information Officer of Zango, an online media company.
16 /PRNewswire/ -- The top Business Coaches from all over the world came together for the 2010 ActionCOACH Global Conference this week at the Hotel Arts Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain, and Marcie Hanhart was one of them.
Summary: In the past, Hanhart stopwatches have always played a key part in leading motor sports events.
Hanhart, a renowned German wristwatch and chronograph brand, has launched its new Primus racer's chronograph.