Albert, Austrian physician, 1863-1935. See: Hammerschlag method.
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The extended finale brought a mysterious, magical opening ripple on harp, church bell chimes from off stage, brilliantly precise playing on stage, and Graham Johns on his handcrafted Hammerschlag, wielding the giant hammer with such force he must surely have gone home with a giant cuddly toy.
Hammerschlag is chief of community mental health at the Gesundheit
Building on that sentiment, said Kari Hammerschlag, a senior program manager with Friends of the Earth (but not a member of the advisory committee) said, "All proteins are not created equal when it comes to environmental and health impacts.
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Neil Hammerschlag and his team from the University of Miami RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program.
Justice David Hammerschlag of the Western Australia Supreme Court ruled in favour of the companies owned by Ms Rinehart and Angela Bennett over royalties to iron ore in the Pilbara mines run by Rio.
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Neil Hammerschlag, a shark expert at the University of Miami, is pretty certain it was a bull or hammerhead shark that at least doubled the size of the blacktip.
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