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A Turkish group bathing establishment that is a variant of a sauna, which is focussed on water, rather than steam. Clientele sit in rooms that provide dry heat to facilitate sweating. Social networking is integral to the Turkish bath, as is massage. Popularity of Turkish baths in the West hit its peak with the Victorians, who touted the baths’ therapeutic effects. Sexual massage and sexual work were available in the traditional Turkish baths and provided by staff (tellak)
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Hammam and Tan ha T ve been at loggerheads over of the repayment of a historic PS24m debt to the Langston group.
Bin Hammam had operated a number of slush funds that were employed to buy the support of FIFA member associations.
The documents also show how Bin Hammam was making payments directly to football officials in Africa to allegedly buy their support for Qatar in the contest, it said.
May 29, 2011: Bin Hammam appears before Fifa's ethics committee, which suspends Bin Hammam and Jack Warner temporarily from all football-related activity pending the outcome of a full inquiry into accusations that they offered financial incentives to members of the Caribbean Football Union.
The FIFA Ethics Committee will then decide based on the reports and evidence presented to it if any action is required to be taken against Mohamed bin Hammam," FIFA said in a statement.
Ogura said bin Hammam had written to him saying that he had no intention of quitting.
The AFC executive committee will meet Friday and Jordan's Prince Ali, who has ruled out standing for the AFC presidency, said that while bin Hammam has the right to appeal, the process of replacing him should not be allowed to drag on.
After the announcement, a lawyer for bin Hammam said his client rejected the findings, which he said were based on circumstantial evidence.
Hammam, who was up against Sepp Blatter in the Fifa presidential election, said: "There can be no doubt that there has been a campaign waged within certain quarters to ensure that I am seen to be guilty and eliminated from football in the court of public opinion, even before my hearing has started.
After a two-day hearing which Bin Hammam did not attend, ethics committee deputy chairman Petrus Damaseb confirmed that the former FIFA presidential candidate was found guilty and banned from all football-related activity for life.
Bin hammam, who is also the asian Football Confederation president, had been suspended since May 29 pending an investigation into claims he tried to bribe members of the Caribbean Football Union in Trinidad at a key meeting on the FIFa presidency campaign trail.
Suspended Asian soccer chief Mohamed Bin Hammam questioned whether he would be fairly treated as a two-day hearing began on Friday into allegations he tried to buy votes ahead of last month's FIFA presidential election.