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(hăm′əl-tən), Alice 1869-1970.
American toxicologist and physician known for her research on occupational poisons and her book Industrial Poisons in the United States (1925).
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1), suggests that the present nonlinearly dispersive generalized KdV hierarchy is, in a sense, the "most straightforward" generalization of KdV's Hamiltonian structure.
The PES associated with the classical limit of IBM Hamiltonian (1) is given by its expectation value in the intrinsic coherent state (7)
Lowrank RungeKutta methods that perform well in terms of the stationary distribution function and the evolution of the mean of the underlying Hamiltonian are reported in [6].
When he eventually assumed the position of professor of chemistry and political economy at South Carolina College, he took pains to discredit Hamilton's legacy in his Lectures, a barely veiled attack on the Hamiltonian program.
We shall introduce the Hamiltonian H = H(t, x, y, z, [P.
Meanwhile, Lind casts an approving eye on other countries that chose a Hamiltonian strategy, notably Japan.
An obvious starting point for a Hamiltonian Europe would be to set some standard limit for federalized national debt -- perhaps the tarnished threshold of 60 percent of GDP that was mandated (without adequate enforcement) by the Maastricht convergence criteria; or perhaps a lower limit.
We now show that the Petersen graph PS is 2-cyclic hamiltonian and hence the set {2} is the only MHDS for Petersen graph PS.
No Hamiltonian ventures into "implied powers" for him.
Thus, the first step in designing the dynamics model of nanorobot is the development of the relativistic Hamiltonian H that will include external artificial potential field.
This structure having no nondegeneracy requirement becomes the basic underlying geometry to study noncanonical Hamilton's equations on odd dimensional manifolds as well as the Hamiltonian structures of non-linear evolution equations [35,36,42].
The chapters are grouped into sections, with the first 7 on such fundamental principles as average Hamiltonian theory and cross polarization in solids.