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(hăm′əl-tən), Alice 1869-1970.
American toxicologist and physician known for her research on occupational poisons and her book Industrial Poisons in the United States (1925).
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Hamilton Fynes answered; "I will walk up and down the platform.
Hamilton Fynes discovered that place of entertainment without difficulty, ordered for himself a cup of coffee and a sandwich, and drew a chair close up to the small open fire, taking care, however, to sit almost facing the only entrance to the room.
Hamilton Fynes nodded gravely and took his seat in the car.
But I'd like to have made a reply to Kreis and Hamilton, and I think I'd have had a word or two for Norton.
His object was to unburden himself of his eternal grievance against Hamilton.
I don't know what more I would have said, but the much-belated Hamilton came in just then and took his usual seat.
Captain Giles and I got up from the table, and the stranger next to Hamilton followed our ex- ample, manoeuvring himself to his feet with difficulty.
A loud whispering from the Steward succeeded and then again Hamilton was heard with even intenser scorn.
Then there were pushing of chairs, footsteps in the next room, and plaintive expostulations from the Steward, who was pursuing Hamilton, even out of doors through the main entrance.
Hamilton, 86, a lifelong resident of Pepperell, died peacefully Friday evening, Aug.
Alexander Hamilton was born in 1757 on the British West Indian island of Nevis into a familial situation that was something less than ideal.