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Hartog J., Dutch physiologist, 1859-1924. See: Hamburger phenomenon.
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Cook the hamburgers to your liking, and meanwhile, toast or grill the cut sides of the buns.
Hamburgers are a quintessential American comfort food, with both chains and unique independents serving up their take on this favorite main dish.
Once people eat our hamburgers it's fine," said Murrell.
And so it came about that more than 200 of Moscow's political and cultural elite gathered on July 4 in the garden of Spaso House, the ambassador's residence, where they were introduced to American hamburgers and hot dogs, grilled over charcoal by embassy teenagers.
based Topps Meat Company announced a recall Tuesday for boxes of frozen hamburgers it distributed.
The mixer will also include a DJ, raffle and prizes, as well as hamburgers, chips and drinks from In-N-Out Burger.
McDonald's stores offered hamburgers for 59 yen each at one point.
The frozen leftover ground beef from the same package used to make the hamburgers was provided by the child's family and processed at the Laboratorio Central de Salud Publica.
Snappy Service Hamburgers next door was a popular spot for take-out hamburgers costing 5 cents.
has been surveying its customers since it added irradiated hamburgers to menus in February 2002.
Animal activists say its ancient title conjures up visions of "unhealthy" hamburgers "made of pulverised cattle".
Most of the 14 new items, like the Old Fashioned Milkshakes and the King Supreme hamburgers, will probably feel right at home among the Whoppers and Bacon Double Cheeseburgers.