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She has spoken in the past about suffering from bulimia, taking hallucinogenic drugs and being abused as a child.
IT'S often stated that if you remember the 1960s then you weren't there, being the age in which a so-called hippy generation preached flower power while experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs and chanting "Give Peace a Chance'.
An NBI forensic study showed the substance having 'positive indication for the presence of Dimethoxy Methylphenethylanime,' an ingredient in psychedelic or hallucinogenic drugs.
THE heartbroken sister of a teen who died after taking hallucinogenic drugs has spoken out to warn young people of the dangers of illicit substances.
The fatwa said that hallucinogenic drugs can be taken for 30 minutes during sexual intercourse and only by men who are less than 40 years old.
They can come in the form of stimulants, depressants or even hallucinogenic drugs.
AN ART teacher jailed for smuggling hallucinogenic drugs was banned from the classroom yesterday, despite claiming he was caught with only "small amounts".
THE family of a British teenage backpacker who died after taking hallucinogenic drugs in a South American tribal ritual paid a moving tribute to him yesterday.
The researchers from the University of Southern Denmark have analyzed proteins in the brains of rats that have been given hallucinogenic drugs and believe that knowing these proteins and comparing their behavior to proteins in the brains of not-schizophrenic people may make it possible to develop more effective drugs.
Beast comes to the Cathedral of Learning in a time of political upheaval, hallucinogenic drugs, group sex, and electric, acid, psychedelic, mind-bending rock and roll.
They were arrested a year ago in a crackdown on Mafia trafficking of hallucinogenic drugs.
Worryingly, Lucia No 03 generates EEG wave patterns which can produce extreme experience akin to taking hallucinogenic drugs.