Julius, German neurologist, 1882-1965. See: Hallervorden syndrome, Hallervorden-Spatz disease, Hallervorden-Spatz syndrome.
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Prominent comedian Dieter Hallervorden challenged PEGIDA's anti-Islam rhetoric by underlining the importance of interactionbetween Christian and Muslim societies.
Hallervorden, who received 500 brains from the killing centers, said: "Where they came from and how they came to [me] was really none of my business.
This is a book of biographies, and the subjects are George Sharpe, Thomas Browne, Henry Power, Thomas Willis, William Petty, Laurence Sterne, Victor Horsley, Hugh Cairns and finally Julius Hallervorden.
The disgraceful account is that of the neuropathologist Julius Hallervorden, who participated in the Nazi euthanasia programme by collecting materials, and sometimes removing brains from defective children that had been killed with carbon monoxide.
The condition, known as PANK 2, or Hallervorden Spatz disease, is progressive and crippling.
The enemy had a name: Hallervorden Spatz syndrome (HSS).
Most of what I initially learned about Hallervorden Spatz Syndrome, I learned on my own.