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Haller cells (infraorbital cells) are believed to develop in the anterior ethmoid system.
But the French drew level on 14 minutes when big forward Haller volleyed home.
As Haller, McConaughey makes the most of his Texas drawl, slicked-back hair and ingratiating affability and for those keeping score at home, yes, he does take his shirt off, but not until 45 minutes in, and even then it's too dark to see the actor's famous six-pack.
Haller is an interesting character, full of persuasive patter and an on/off relationship with prosecuting lawyer Maggie (Tomei), with whom he shares a daughter and sometimes a bed.
Louis vigorously maintains his innocence and Haller and private detective Frank Levin (Macy) sift through the flimsy evidence.
When a late-paying client promises Haller he has his money, the lawyer, sharp as a tack, replies, "Exactly.
Following his resignation, Von Haller will focus solely on his job as chief executive of Sal Oppenheim, the report said, citing an unnamed source.
Cachette and Haller know corporations need to see a benefit for changing.
Haller, 66, who played in three World Cups, counts England among the favourites to lift the trophy in July.
Heinz Haller, joined the company on June 1 as senior vice president, Strategic Development and New Ventures, and will assume executive oversight for Dow's activities in Asia Pacific.
Haller has three other Lincolns--one with a license plate reading NT GLTY; a half-cynical, half-amused view of what he does; a healthy respect for the rule of law and an even healthier one for well-heeled clients; two ex-wives who still adore him; a daughter who loves him despite his benign neglect; and a network of associates who, if not exactly criminal, certainly dance on the border of illegal activity.