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In this study we test the alternative practice of opening water flow at different times during postlarval development, and the effect of aeration on the static culture of Haliotis rufescens postlarvae.
The average yearly length and weight ([+ or -] SD) of the abalone Haliotis mariae at different grow-out trials at Mirbat (Oman).
Similarly, Chiou and Lai (2002) found Haliotis diversieolor fed an artificial diet contained significantly more glycine, glutamate, and glycogen than similar abalone fed a natural diet.
Sample Origin Farmed Kangaroo Island, South Australia Wild Tasmania, Australia Sample Specie Habitat Diet Farmed Green lip, Haliotis laevigata Land-based farm Artificial Wild Black lip, Haliotis rubra Wild Natural TABLE 2.
Classification of neurosecretory cells, neurons and neuroglia in the cerebral ganglia of Haliotis asinina Linnaeus by light microscopy.
The habitat of young black-abalone, Haliotis discus discus Reeve in Kaifu-gun, Tokushima Prefecture.
The present study specifically examined the acute responses and net survival of New Zealand Blackfoot abalone Haliotis iris (Martyn, 1784).
As commercially important mollusks in our country, the shells of Haliotis discus hannai Ino have especial strength and toughness function.
Even though Sophia Haliotis, group vice president with European American Bank (EAB), has been coming to PWC's outings, and others, for seven years, she still remembers the initial trepidation she felt.