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Chairing a meeting of Board of Directors (BoD) of Faisalabad Cattle Market Management Committee here, he said there was a huge demand of Halal meat in the foreign market.
The minister said that the exporters, who got clearance from export bureau and launch their Halal meat Industry till 2016, twould be exempted from taxes for next four years.
Fining the business PS35,000 and ordering it to pay PS26,910 prosecution costs, His Honour Judge Patrick Thomas QC, added: "The consumers who went there went for halal meat for powerful religious and cultural reasons.
A NUMBER of supermarkets and restaurants are selling food with Halal meat in the ingredients, including: | Tesco | Sainsbury's | Waitrose | Marks & Spencer | Domino's | KFC | Nando's | Subway | Pizza Express CIVIL LAW UNDER the Consumer Protection Act 1987 ("the CPA") consumers can bring claims against producers, importers (meaning those who import products into the European Community, not merely the UK) and "own-branders" (suppliers who put their name on the product and give the impression that they are the producers) if there is something wrong with a product.
Stunning is the used for 88% of halal meat in the UK.
No Muslim is bound by his or her religion to eat halal meat.
This week the food industry has been hit by a series of revelations that leading supermarkets, restaurants and fast-food chains are serving halal meat without telling customers.
Pakistan sees Arab Gulf countries as a potential growth market for its halal meat, livestock and poultry products and the country is confident of increasing food exports to the region following branding of its quality products, according to senior diplomats.
He advised Muslims to move to eat chicken and fish until they get halal meat.
Islamic leaders have called on Middle East governments to stop importing Danish meat as the country is attempting to play down growing criticism by Muslims over a proposed ban on halal meat and imports.
Soyler also stated that the Muslim population in the city preferred their restaurant's "iftar" and "sahur" programs particularly due to the halal meat.
THE rising acceptance of halal meat due to scientific and hygienic slaughtering and processing methods is spicing up the $600 billion global halal meat market.