Strawberry Foot Rot

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A proliferative pustular dermatosis of large animals (cattle), most commonly dairy herds, but also sheep, variously linked to a spirochaete-like organism, actinomycetales, Dermatophilus congolensis or a rhizobium. A bacterial aetiology is favoured as the condition often responds to antibiotics
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Often called hairy heel warts, "strawberry heel," or digital dermatitis, this problem is caused by bacteria that infect the soft tissue of the foot.
Long claws, hairy heel warts, and feet covered with caked manure and dirt indicate lack of attention by the grower.
Because of the bacteriostatic properties of the pHarlo technology contained in Unifresh(TM) Footbath concentrate, the product also helps control bacteria and fungus that infects the hooves of cows causing digital dermatitis and interdigital papillomatosis, also known as hairy heel warts and foot rot.