Hainsworth, Margaret A.

a nursing theorist who, with Mary Lermann Burke and Georgene Gaskill Eakes, developed the Theory of Chronic Sorrow to describe the ongoing feelings of loss that arise from illness, debilitation, or death.
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Halewood Wines and Spirits boss Stewart Hainsworth, right, said a renewed focus on spirits took the family-owned business from a PS9.
Proceeds from the sale will be used to help the homeless of the parish, says chair of trustees Reverend Richard Hainsworth.
Blades expert Sarah Hainsworth told the programme: 'We found that for all three of the spinners you can stab a tomato with very moderate force, so these could potentially cause a significant injury to the eye.
Mia Greenless-Smith (Overthorpe Sports) v Elliott Heap (Broad Oak), Josh Thomas (Glasshoughton Welfare) v Aaron Brine (Rothwell BC), Lewis Cooper (Castleford Town) v Alex Edmondson (Pudsey BC), Oscar Scott-Parker (Morton House) v Charlie Evans (Marsh Lib), Kyle Hainsworth (Holbeck Ltd) v Ben Falkingham (Littlemoor SSC), Leah Weatherill (Morton House) v Joshua Gough (Marsh Lib), Same Farmer (Sandal) v Scott Shaw (Almondbury Lib), Lewie Tommes (Methley) v James Hick (Almondbury Lib).
If you're not touched by the story of Orla, gloriously played by Isis Hainsworth, you must be very hard hearted.
The picture of The Point of Ayr Lighthouse, which was taken by Rev Dr Richard Hainsworth, entitled Talacre Lighthouse, took the winning spot in the Coastal View category of the Shipwrecked Mariners' Society competition.
Apparel industry veterans Raj Shah and Akhil Shah, along with Stanley Hainsworth, former creative director at Nike, Lego and Starbucks, are rolling out a clothing line called Ably, which is activated by a proprietary, patent-pending technology called Filium--and it could have implications for the laundry detergent category.
4) RAYMOND HAINSWORTH COLLECTION Half a century in the making by retired car dealer Raymond Hainsworth, the three-day sale of Dinky and other model cars made a massive PS230,000 over three days in March.
Hainsworth presents general interest readers with a fresh examination of the Jack the Ripper murders, bringing new information to light regarding London Police Chief Sir Melville MacnaghtenAEs private source and publishing new photographs for the first time.
Daniel Hainsworth has been appointed director and will play a significant role in growing the company's corporate business, both through organic growth and strategic acquisitions.
Says Sarah Hainsworth of the University of Leicester; "Medieval battle was bloody and brutal.
Richard was probably in quite a lot of pain at the end," said Sarah Hainsworth, a professor of materials engineering at the University of Leicester and also one of the study authors.