Hainsworth, Margaret A.

a nursing theorist who, with Mary Lermann Burke and Georgene Gaskill Eakes, developed the Theory of Chronic Sorrow to describe the ongoing feelings of loss that arise from illness, debilitation, or death.
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Byline: Jade Greaves, Faye Hunter, Poppy White, Lucy Wombwell, Lucy Hainsworth, Emma Armstrong, Leah Hayes, Shannon Kennedy and Joshua Holmes
Professor Sarah Hainsworth, pictured above, lead academic and director of ASDEC, said: "Our engineering expertise is key to solving problems and developing new designs for industry across a broad range of sectors and our professional team brings a wealth of industry and academic expertise to provide analysis capability with unprecedented measurement speed, reliability and resolution.
Group chief executive Stewart Hainsworth was appointed five months ago and has brought in eight directors to forge a new future for the firm founded 37 years ago by John Halewood and his mother Eileen.
Concordia" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: CXRX) (TSX: CXR) announced today that its founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mark Thompson will appear on BNN's The Business News with Michael Hainsworth today at 12:20 pm ET to discuss the closing of the acquisition of Amdipharm Mercury Limited ("AMCo"), which was announced earlier this morning, as well as certain financial information of the Company.
Dashen Brewery chief executive officer Devlin Hainsworth said: "We are truly excited about this partnership.
Students getting the bursaries included: Chris Philpott, Neil Hainsworth, Andrew Vickers, Lisa Marie Kirkbride, Elizabeth Hall, Jonathan Plant, Sean Barnes, Steven Lord, Jonathan Yale and Carl Gillespie.
However, a 5&4 win for Jessica Hirst put Outlane back in front and then came the last match with Meltham's Nathan Shears and Outlane's Joe Hainsworth.
Daniel Hainsworth has been appointed director and will play a significant role in growing the company's corporate business, both through organic growth and strategic acquisitions.
Says Sarah Hainsworth of the University of Leicester; "Medieval battle was bloody and brutal.
Richard was probably in quite a lot of pain at the end," said Sarah Hainsworth, a professor of materials engineering at the University of Leicester and also one of the study authors.
Study author Doctor Sarah Hainsworth said: "The injuries represent an attack by several assailants.
Study author Dr Sarah Hainsworth said: "Richard's injuries represent an attack by several assailants.